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Here at Turbine we love getting into the latest and greatest in technology. Lately that's meant nearly everyone in the office buying themselves a FitBit. It's almost all we can talk about! Since we're working so hard to improve our own step counts, we thought we'd tell you a little more about how we're using our FitBits. Karole Model: FitBit Flex Likes: Keeping track of how much I sleep, how much I move, and how much water I drink. I'm pretty competitive, so I really enjoy the showdown challenges and trying to beat my friends. Dislikes: Realizing how little I move. It's a struggle every day to get anywhere near my goal. Lifestyle Impact: I've  been drinking a lot more water, and make an effort to pick a far away parking spot, I gotta get those steps in any way I can!   Jason Model: FitBit Charge Likes: I love the data it tracks - gives me amazing insights into my normal day to day lifestyle along with my normal fitness regimen. Dislikes: I would love a slightly bigger screen and more accurate step tracking. Lifestyle Impact: It's made a huge change.  I am very cognizant of being sedentary during the day and enjoy the friendly challenges that push you even further.