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Company: Restore a Muscle Car (RAMC) is a business located in Lincoln, Nebraska, that specializes in restoring cars of all kinds. Their main focus, however, is muscle cars. Each year, Restore a Muscle Car holds and event called Bandit Run, a week-long trip based off of the trip from Smokey and the Bandit. The main focus is to get classic cars out of the garage and onto the road.

Project: Social Media, Video

Challenge: RAMC draws in customers from around the country. They wanted a way to further engage with potential customers throughout the United States and the World. RAMC was looking to show how they restored cars and tell clients’ stories. Another challenge was promoting their yearly Bandit Run and getting people to sign up.

Recommendation: RAMC already had a Facebook page, but were not using it to their full advantage. Turbine recommended an aggressive social media posting strategy designed to strengthen their digital brand as well as create a community of fans and followers that could be converted to customers. This social media strategy could be used for both RAMC and Bandit Run. Turbine also recommended the creation of company overview videos, which would give a look inside the RAMC shop and the cars they have restored.

Result: In 2010, Turbine helped RAMC implement a social media strategy for RAMC and Bandit Run. The outlets to be used were Facebook and Twitter. Within one year, the RAMC Facebook page gained over 900 new likes. Bandit Run’s Facebook page saw an increase of 800 likes. Twitter, a secondary outlet to Facebook, saw small, positive increases when the profiles were created in 2010. The videos made by Turbine, are featured on the RAMC website and Facebook page.

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facebookiconTurbine recommended that RAMC use Facebook to show before and afters of projects, highlight employee’s work, and client stories. Facebook is also used to promote upcoming car events. When we first started working with RAMC, they had 106 likes on Facebook. Today, they have over 8500 likes with certain posts that can reach an upwards of 15000 people. RAMC posts two to three times per day.

twittericonRAMC is also very active on Twitter. Their Twitter account was created in October of 2010. They currently have over 700 followers. RAMC tweets about current restoration projects, items for sale in their Ebay store, and more. Photos are an integral part of Twitter strategy.

Bandit Run
facebookiconFacebook is a great place for RAMC to promote Bandit Run. When we first started working with the Bandit Run page, they had 195 likes. The page currently has over 7000 likes. Turbine suggested posting information about each year’s run including dates, where to sign up, and other relevant event information. To get people excited for the upcoming runs, Bandit Run posts photos and videos from past events.

twittericonTwitter is a great place for Bandit Run to share short, important updates about their runs. RAMC focuses on event information, signups, and photos for Bandit Run’s Twitter. This page has over 450 followers and was created in late 2010.




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