Pinterest, the Social Media Refuge

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pinsJason and I (Holly) were talking last night, after I finally tore myself away from absorbing the oodles and gobs of eye candy on Pinterest.  Why is it so addictive?  Sure, you can spend time on Facebook catching up on friends or you can certainly get sucked into one suggested video after the other on YouTube, but there’s something about Pinterest that’s… BEAUTIFUL.  Yes, that is the word – appealing, alluring, colorful, engaging, magnanimous, if you will.

DubaiPinterest seems to me, to be the unspoiled territory of social media.  You don’t have to run into any ads, although you can certainly gain access to products for purchase.  You don’t have to see political messaging, sales advertisements, tyranical soap box rants.  Sure, most all of those can be accessed through Pinterest, but the focused interests and filters are there to escape into the serene images of fashion, art, travel, food, how to’s and just funny views on what we all experience while living life.    It’s to me, the one social media platform that embraces what is good about life and the celebration of beauty.  That beauty looks different to each and every person, but we find as we look through the myriad of feeds on all variations of topics that we have shared tastes and there is a commonality and thread to us all.  It’s the unique aspect and celebration of all differences and variations on beauty that makes life worth living.  skirt

waterThank you Pinterest for rekindling fascination for the unexplored and putting it into anyone’s grasp – making those elements of beauty a little more tangible and identifiable.  I know that when you visit my boards, you see me.  You see my travels, fashion preferences and distinct palette for what I find desirable, down to what my taste buds crave.  Haven’t explored Pinterest?  There’s something for everyone and don’t blame me if you’re up until 1 am tonight!

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