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diapers1Today we’re going to go a little off tech-topic and discussing something else Turbine is up to this month: Diaper Donations. During the month of May in honor of Mother’s everywhere Turbine has been collecting diapers to be donated to the People’s City Mission in early June.

Why donate diapers?

The need for disposable diapers is strong, especially for low income families. Studies show that nearly 30% of low income mothers feel like a bad parent when they can’t afford to properly diaper their child. About a third of families even cut down on food and childcare to afford the disposable diapers they need. The stress that affording diapers causes isn’t good, and impacts nearly every aspect of the family dynamic negatively.

Why not cloth diapers?

Often cloth diapers aren’t an option for low income families. The cost of purchasing cloth diapers is often more at one time than most families can afford. Additionally low income families may not have their own washer to clean the diapers, and most laundromats do not allow individuals to wash their diapers there. Even if a low income family could struggle over those hurdles, they also have to worry about childcare. Most daycare facilities will not accept a child in cloth diapers, so even if a low income family used cloth diapers at home they would still have to furnish disposable ones for childcare.

What can you do?

DiaperDonationThere are many places you can donate disposable diapers. Turbine is working hard to collect disposable diapers right now and will be donating them to People’s City Mission in the first week of June. If you would like to participate you can donate diapers at our office 857 S. 48th St. Suite B. A few of our clients, including Compensation Programs, Inc. and Schultz Construction are also participating and diapers may be dropped off at their offices. If you don’t have the time to drop off, just shoot us a message and Turbine would love to arrange a time we can pick up the diapers.




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