Man’s best friend beneficial in the workplace? You be the judge.

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Some of the most successful companies in the world are becoming pet friendly.  Google, Amazon, and Etsy are a few of the many companies that allow you to bring your furry friend to the workplace.

When it came to group tasks, those who had a dog around them tested higher for trust, team bonding, and intimacy than those who worked without one.

  • 11% drop in stress when allowed to bring your pet to work
  • 70% spike in stress when having to leave their pet at home

Lower stress = Lower blood pressure, fewer heart problems How is that related to workplace productivity? Healthier employees take less sicks days = more productivity & lower health insurance premiums = happier employees

Meet our furry office pets:


Gilly is 1 1/2 year old white Collie. She’s originally from Beaver Crossing, NE but moved to Lincoln to start a family. She enjoys long walks, begging for scraps, fetch and sleeping at the foot of the bed.







Liam is a 9 month old tri-color Collie. He’s originally from Chillicothe, MO and moved to Lincoln last year to start a family. Liam enjoys long runs with Jason, licking people, trying to sit on furniture like a human and endless games of fetch.






Sunny is a 9 year old sable Sheltie. She’s originally from a farm in South Kansas. Sunny is naturally an introvert and enjoys lots of time alone and prefers less noise, unless she is the one making it.


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