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It’s our favorite time of year… SPRING TIME! We’re buzzing about the warm weather, and can’t wait to dig into our gardens and start planting.

Gardening and taking care of your lawn is a great way to get back in touch with nature, but being the tech nerds we are it just wouldn’t be right not to mention our favorite Apps for lawn and garden care!


Mowdo isn’t an app on your phone, but it is a great site to go to if you’re looking for high quality, vetted, lawn and garden care. The best part? Instant quotes, we know you don’t have time to wait!

Burpee – Garden Time Planner

Garden Time Planner helps you know when to sow, transplant, and harvest your vegetables and herbs based on your region. The App automatically keeps a to-do list and send you notifications, plus there are how-to videos!

Scotts – My Lawn

Scotts My Lawn app gives you the tools to create a lawn plan so that the grass can be greener on YOUR side of the fence.

Garden Times Plant Identification

Ever walk by someones garden and be struck by the beauty of their plants, but can’t figure out what kind of plant it is? Fear no more! Garden Time Plant Identification is here to rescue you.

Weather Channel

Finally, the most important app for garden and lawn care: a weather app! The Weather Channel app is our weather app of choice, but there are plenty out there to choose from!

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